Yoda’s business guidance

master yoda

You all know Star Wars, one of the most spectacular movie series of all time. I personally (as I guess many of you) was fascinated by these inter-galactic adventures and all the interesting and wired movie characters involved. Yes, fantasy, adventure and a battle between good and evil.

So who is the wisest and most powerful Jedi Master in the Galaxy? That would be the little green creature with a strange English speech, giving pieces of advice all the time – Master Yoda.

That is right. The best consultant you can find in the Galaxy is Yoda. He is calm with a penetrating mind that enables him to foreseen danger up ahead.

Yoda approach to teaching is more like guiding. He enables his students (Paduans) to reach their full potential by walking the way they have to walk. This includes a better understanding of themselves and a better understanding of their enemies while making errors along the way.

You can see how much I like Yoda that is why I decided to have some fun (gain some credibility from Yoda’s reputation) and to put some of the most important business guidances I wrote in a Yoda Speech.


Here is how they sound:

Yoda on business strategies

The main driver of business success, innovation is.

Wise must the growth of your business be.

The main drivers for quality services, trust and information are.


Yoda on managing costumes:

To make all underperforming costumers outperforming you must try.

To lower the resources spend on underperforming clients, you should.

Referring the bad costumer you can.


Yoda on debt:

With sort term borrowings never finance long-term investments.  One way street to bankruptcy, this is.  Yeesssssss.

Sure that cash flows predictable enough are.

For the worst-case-scenario plans, you should have.  Never go into debt that you, repay,  cannot.


Yoda modern times business disclaimer:

Yoda is just the opposite of all these Positive Gurus modern –times –business-consultants with their persuasive selling techniques, misleading practices, and solely-profit-driven-organizations. I do believe that the real path to success (even business success) is through glory and self-perfection.

Yet we have to distinguish fame from glory and self-perfection from competition and awards. Jedi Knights do have very high social status but they do not give interviews nor participate in competitions such as “Jedi of the month”.

Maybe we have to reinvent honor and social goals once again.


I wish you all the luck in your business activities and let the Force be with you…

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